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Rose Vasquez, Owner, Grant Writer, Consultant Bio

After 30 years as a successful director, grant writer, program manager, researcher and evaluator for both the non-profit sector and government agencies, I decided to go into the business of helping organizations obtain financial security and program sustainability. As you are aware, grant writing is very competitive and if done correctly can lead to building capacity or enhancing your services to continue to serve your community. As an experienced grant writer and reviewer I know first hand the common mistakes and grant writing pitfalls agencies can fall into. In fact, 65% of all grants written and submitted never make the initial review. Time after time I see grant applications with great ideas and intentions but the project narrative and demonstration of need are not complete. Strategic Writing & Consulting can assist you in writing and packaging a dynamic grant application or help you build an internal grant writing team to obtain funding for your proposal.
        Mission Statement:
To assist organizations in creating sustainability in order to do what they do best.             
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  Strategic Writing & Consulting will develop a strong plan for you to obtain federal, state and local foundation funding by telling your unique story. By creating a competitive grant application for your organization you will increase your chances of funding. Along with impeccable attention to detail, we are dedicated to producing great results and creating a strong competitive grant application for every client. Grant writing is not for everyone and the responsibility often falls on busy directors and program staff. This can lead to simple and costly mistakes that can disqualify your application during the initial review. My associates and I will ensure that your grant package is professionally constructed from beginning to end to ensure a positive outcome with a competitive edge.

As the sole owner and operator of Strategic Writing & Consulting, I bring years of experience to the table after successfully raising over $6.2 million in grant funding just in the last five years. As a member of the American Grant Writer's Association, I also sit on the board of several Federal Grant Review Committees, which provides me with an insight into what funders are looking for in an application and what they are willing to fund. Through carefully coordinated planning and fund development, we can build your organization or business to ensure your grant application moves forward through the review process and gains approval. Located in Prescott, Arizona, Strategic Writing & Consulting specializes in grant writing, organizational development, strategic planning, team and leadership building, executive coaching and financial sustainability.

                                                 Knowledgeable Writing & Consulting Services

                                                                                                       Grant Writing
Raise funds for your nonprofit organization or business with help and advice from an experienced grant writer

Improve your company or organization through an evaluation of your organization's sustainability.

                                                                                                       Team Building
Effective team-building exercises encourage better communication between staff and management.
                                                                                                   Data & Research

Telling your story and demonstrating need can only be completed accurately through the use of statistics and evaluation to carefully build your organization's story. Our goal is to clearly demonstrate your need for a new program or show how the community will benefit from increased program growth. Engaging in community assessment is key in creating strong applications and demonstrating your understanding and knowledge of what your community, clients and families need. Community assessments, focus groups and determining the pulse of the community you serve, should be revisited every 2 years to document changes in the norm, to determine project success and address new emerging issues.

                                                                                                     Grant Timelines
Grants prepared for your organization will always be completed in advance of the submission date which ensures that costly mistakes will be avoided, such as formatting or last-minute budget changes. The length of the grant writing process depends on the type of grant you need. Federal grant applications can take from six to eight weeks, and state grants usually take four-six weeks, while Local foundation grants can be completed within a few weeks. I recommend planning ahead and creating "shelf ready" grant applications as well as program planning to ensure fiscal sustainability between grant cycles. Strategic Writing & Consulting will also teach you how to stand out above the rest and build local foundation relationships with current and potential funders.

"I highly recommend Rose Vasquez. Rose has assisted our organization in writing grant applications and the grant applications have been funded. Rose is professional, a skilled writer, effective communicator and is awesome to work with."

-Merilee Fowler, Executive Director, MATFORCE